Glassing are born in 2010 from an idea of Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone, two friends grown up in Milan, who decide to start a new adventure in Ibiza.

Glassing start here, nearly born for fun. The fashion world beginsto take an interest in the brand and this incites even more Alessandro and Stefano to believe in this project and to go on

They quickly emerge for their will to experiment and to create cutting edge glasses, taking advange of the Italian expertise. They focus on innovative materials often combined in unusual ways, believe in young designers and their courage, while trust the knowledge of the best Italian factories for the production and for the uniqueness of the handmade manufacture. 

The brand is currently distributed in more than 1400 selected optical stores in the world and in some luxury boutiques such as Excelsior and LaRinascente in Milan, Galeries LaFayette in Beijing, Twist in Hong Kong, Harrods in London, Mr M in Beirut. 

Glassing have also four flagship stores in Italy, in Milan, Portofino, Taormina and Capri, where the innovative style of the brand is expressed overall from the interior design to the idea to create unique glasses, custom-made in collaboration with the customers, perfect for their faces and according to their personal style.

They also presented at Mido 2015 the Glassing Yacht Store, a real yacht completely customized according to the brand's image and designated to be a shop, the first floating optical store.

The brand, although young, is rising quickly, is enlarging cosiderably its distribution network in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia.

In 2016 it is scheduled the opening of a Glassing branch in Seoul together with the official licensee of the brand in Asia, this collaboration is not only on commercial basis but also includes design and production starting from Expo 2015. Glassing has indeed been selected by the Italian and Korean governments to represent worldwide the Italian optical industry and is part of a special project that involves the best fashion and design companies in Italy and in Korea.

 The creativity and the mood of the brand do not go unnoticed. Glassing's communication and branding work is always original and unexpected and it reinforces the essence of the brand, which makes it unforgettable. Even many celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted wearing Glassing, such as Bryshere Gray (aka Yazz the greatest, main character of TV series Empire) Kate Moss, Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pamela Anderson, Mischa Barton.


Glassing is always opened to new collaborations that enrich the brand.

It is with the young students of famous Istituto Marangoni in Milan that Alessandro and Stefano decide to work, not only as teachers but also leading the guys to the factories and developing with them their new collections, designs and advertising campaigns.

In 2014 Glassing become official licensee of A.C. Milan for sunglasses and optical glasses. After signing an agreement with Adidas, the brand produces and commercializes the collection A.C. Milan designed by Glassing.

Origin of new collaborations is also the Glassing Lab, whom any company willing to design and produce its own glasses collection can turn to and take advantage of Glassing's expertise and know-how, being guided from the concept to the packaging. 

Glassing's style is not expressed only by their collections, Alessandro and Stefano's purpose is to spread a way of being, what inspires them from the beginning of this adventure. To have passion and to believe in what you do and above all not to lose the irony of who does not take himself too seriously.


In a word: Madness is an Art